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The Law Society, an association which was created on the 11th May 1877 and had for objects “the safeguard, maintenance and promotion of the interests of the body of Mauritius. Attorneys-at-Law, the upholding of the honour, dignity reputation and independence of the members thereof and furtherance of their interests in connection with the practice of their profession


Me Salajee Zubeida SA

Me Dave Boolauky

Me Jaykar Gujadhur SA
(Vice President)

Me Renouka Brigemohane
(Assistant Treasurer)

Me Georgy NG WONG HING. (Secretary)

Me R.Buctowonsing S.A  (Member)

Me Selvaraajen Soundron Murday (Assistant Secretary)

Me Barkha Gupta Oogorah (Member)

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