Name of PresidentYear
Andre Regnard1977
André Robert S.A.1978 to 1991
Rajeshwar Bucktowonsing S.A1992
Sultan Sohawon1993
Rajeshwar Bucktowonsing S.A1994
André Robert S.A.1995
Narendra Appa Jala S.A1996
Narendra Appa Jala S.A1997
Rajeshwar Bucktowonsing S.A1998
Theyvarajen Modely Ponambalum1999
Osman Abbasakoor S.A2000
Sultan Sohawon2001
Sacheedanand Veerasamy S.A.2002
Narendra Appa Jala S.A2003 to 2007
Manogaran Mardemootoo S.A2008 to 2010
Narendra Appa Jala S.A2010 to 2012
Vijay.K.Dwarka S.A2012 to 2014
Candhayalallsing Seebaluck S.A2014 to 2016
Rajeshwar Bucktowonsing S.A2016 to 2018
Zubeida I. Salajee S.A2018 to 2020
Marie Thierry Vincent KOENIG S.A.
2020 to 2022